10 Best Ways to Monetize on YouTube – Rules & Requirements

  • June 29, 2023
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A tremendous growth spike is spoken concerning the online video platform market size which is expected to attain a CAGR of 18.4% and $30.05 billion by 2030.

Owing to the gaining online video usage can see OTT taking the top position in the entertainment sector, especially in developed locations.

Penetration of 5G technology is one pivot reason to create demand for the same. Worldwide acceptance for OTT shows readiness to embrace the newer approach and hence online video platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Disney+ look out for complete content engagement and monetizing ways too.

India and China are the trigger factors for the growth of the online world and shall remain competitive ahead. During and post-pandemic, people embrace this world wholeheartedly as it augments revenue generation which is a lucrative aspect for the platform users.

When it comes to YouTube the world-leading OTT platform acts as a catalyst for other platform developers to innovate and create similar competitive providers.

A predominant search of users in recent times is How to Enable Monetization on YouTube. Viewers aren’t engaged content-wise but financially too which is a notable concept for the platform development. 

What is YouTube monetization?

Social media integration into our routine is a prime scenario for lifestyle changes paving ways to gear up for the digital world journey.

Creativity plunged for the people during the pandemic spurring internet usage and thus the platform witnessed a spike of 868.4 million users and a 10.6% increase from 2022.

Do not be surprised to read that in 2025 it would reach 996.4 million users, and in 2026, set to grow largely by 1 billion and above users, obviously, the platform is set to spike. How is this possible? Wanna know?

Read further…

Since 2008, a major source for Youtube monetization in the name of the “Youtube Partner Program (YPP)” is advertisement and followed by a monthly subscription called “Youtube Premium”. Along that Super Chat, merchandise and channel memberships are further additions which are monetization zones for the platform and the creators as well.

Advertisers look at this as a promising platform to get connected with worldwide audiences having 40 million Youtube homepage visitors and 2 billion users watching videos every day including the ads. All these get converted as revenue which is a lifecycle kind.

You watch Youtube because you have content, more advertisers can make the audience watch their ads along with content videos, through ads Youtube generates money, in turn, content creators get a reward from YouTube for their original or regular uploads and this is all about Youtube Monetization. Making money out of your content videos in youtube is YouTube Monetization. 

How to Get Monetized on YouTube?

Simple and smart working can take you to the money-making pinnacle point on Youtube. Basic youtube monetization criteria is joining Youtube Partner Program (YPP)” and meeting its requirements.

The number of views in terms of “Watch/Click” pertaining to your uploaded videos determines your income and the revenue generated will be split between the content creator (55%) and youtube (45%).

YouTube Monetization Requirements have been strengthened to encourage trusted creators by rewarding them through ads for publishing original content. 

YouTube monetization rules and requirements

To qualify for the monetization zone, execute the following to meet YouTube Partner Program Requirements….

  •  In 12 months’ time since your channel launch and video uploads, 4000 watch hours are mandatory
  • Channel should get a minimum of 1000 subscribers in the said duration
  • Your location should have YouTube Partner Program availability
  • AdSense account should be linked with your channel
  • No community guidelines strike pertaining to your channel
  • Adherence to the monetization policies
  • Completion of 2-step Google account verification

Avoid copyright and monetization mistakes on YouTube

A stringent force is deployed on copyright issues concerning the YouTube platform and it is equivalent to getting off the platform if your content speaks unoriginal.

Authenticated videos have to be uploaded with 100% originality as the copyright is rightly applicable for the music, audio, videos, words and other applicable things. Understand the following if you are deviating from your policies;

  • Ads will be removed from your videos
  • YouTube Partner Program gets suspended
  • Termination or suspension of your account
  • Demonetising your contents is possible
  • Content will be muted or blocked

Maybe out of your negligence, if you have not adhered, panic not as YouTube communicates through the mail with regard to your violation and suggests further proceedings. 

How to Join the YouTuber Partner Program

Before knowing how to monetize a YouTube channel, one needs to learn YouTube Monetization Rules and how to join YPP which offers accessibility to the available resources and monetisation ways for the creators.  Find below the ways

  • Open YouTube Studio by clicking the picture icon available on the right navigation bar in the YouTube platform
  • Click the option “monetization” found on the left navigation bar which will be enabled only for those who have the eligibility to apply
  • Review YPP protocols
  • Connect your channel with a Google AdSense account
  • Based on your process, YouTube will review and reply to their decision through email
  • If the application gets rejected then after 30 days re-apply. Before reapplying check the reasons for the rejection

How to Enable Monetization on YouTube

Searches related to how to monetize YouTube videos are high as people are clear on ways to monetize. Once YPP is done, videos open up for enabling monetization and the same shall be enabled while new content uploading as well.  YouTube assesses post uploading concerning, profanity, themes, copyright nomenclatures, etc. 

10 Best ways to monetize on YouTube

There are other multiple ways to monetize like YouTube AdSense, and CPM rates which need to be dealt with in detail to pocket the best and on average earning for 1000 views is $18.

Here below are the answers to your most demanded query about how to monetize your YouTube channel.

  1. YouTube Ads
  2. Paid Sponsorships
  3. Earning through Affiliates
  4. Channel Membership
  5. Patronage
  6. Merchandising
  7. Super Features
  8. YouTube Shorts Fund
  9. YouTube Premium
  10. YouTube Brand Connect

1. YouTube Ads

One of the orthodox ways yet the prime method to earn money. Turn on ads once the YPP agreement is completed for single and multiple videos. An essential part is every video upload should meet the YouTube Monetization Guidelines pertaining to advertisers and the placement of ads can be controlled with YouTube ad formats.

Know that for YouTube premium users, advertisements are hidden but the monthly money to the creators gets distributed for the videos watched. 

2. Paid Sponsorships:

It is estimated that creators earn between $ 100 and $4000 for the sponsored video. This is a brand establishment tool through the content creators for monetization.

Content creators have to demonstrate the products of the brands who either sponsor or pay them in return. It is not as easy as we read here, getting a sponsor for your video is a herculean task.

Usually, sponsors will be ready to broadcast their brands only for the channels having substantial subscribers or viewers. To attract sponsors, previous analytics, and past brand works of your channel can be marketed.

3. Earn Through Affiliates

Linking your advertising products on YouTube is called Affiliate Marketing which is one of the best ways to earn money in terms of paid commission. Check out the following options for affiliate marketing

  • Product review
  • Video Unboxing
  • Know-How to video

Make it a mandatory option to display the affiliate disclaimer to buy using your link with a discount code. When every single buyer buys through your link will credit your commission. Follow the below-working ways

  • Sign up with brands for affiliate programs
  • Link the custom products with YouTube audience

Recommended networks are

  • ClickBank
  • Amazon Associates
  • Walmart

4. Channel Membership

This platform supports the channel by assuring monthly payments as perks which are exclusive for the members.  Requirements are a channel with 1000 subscribers, completion of 18yrs in the age category and need to be a member of the YouTube Partner Program.

  • Seek Subscribers to be your channel member
  • Member needs to pay between $0.99 and $100
  • Members will get a refund if any case your channel account is canceled
  • Incentives to the members are given in the form of loyalty badges, exclusive videos, and private live streams.

5. Patronage

Digital creators, writers, artists and small or medium businesses make use of this third-party platform called patronage for monetary support. One of the great YouTube Monetization Tips is to get funds directly from patrons, and fans on a work basis. To become a patron of the YouTube Channel

  • Join the creator’s page of your choice by choosing your payment tier
  • Select your payment choice and register your membership
  • Monthly membership needs to be reviewed before payment finalization
  • Select Confirm option once you are through with the details
  • Provide your address to receive every other benefit

6. Merchandise

Your YouTube is a brand provided if it is a stronger community with 10000 subscribers you are privileged to sell merchandise through merch-self found on the video page. The best platform for those who don’t own a website can make use of this for the brand’s growth.

YouTube Studio helps to display the organized products on your channel store where you can also pin during live streams. Product customisation display helps the viewers to buy at ease which optimizes your engagement as well. 

7. Super Features

Super Chat, Super Stickers, Super Thanks– Thanks Establish your brand through super features options to connect your fans in unlimited ways. Message highlights can be done through the Super chats option, to witness digital or animated images, and buy Super stickers to have popped up in the feed of live chat. 

Audiences have to pay from $1 to $500 to feature the message on a live feed.  The super Thanks option encourages the users to thank their favorites through small amounts of donations. Simply a superb option for educational videos and also extend gratitude for all your video content.

8. YouTube Shorts Fund

Understand the ways here how to monetize YouTube shorts. The launch of a $100 million fund happened in 2021 for the shorts’ creators which shall be distributed to all YouTube creators. Assured income for the YouTubers can be expected between $100 and $10,000.

An important note is YPP association is not needed for YouTube Shorts creators yet have to maintain eligibility requirements to gain Shorts Bonus till 2022. From 2023 onwards creators have an option to YPP sign up to make money.

A portion of the fund, i.e. 33% goes to the creator pool and if they use any music or track in the short videos, fund segregation happens accordingly. 

9. YouTube Premium

This offers a subscription service where the members can enjoy ad-free shows, content, free video downloading and playback option. YouTube Premium membership also enables the creators to monetize because members subscribe to the premium option on a payment basis only.

Payment to the creators will be distributed monthly from the membership claims. The best tip is to learn YouTube premium membership supporting factors for YouTube Creators.

10. YouTube Brand Connect

The name denotes the significance of this platform where branding of branded content is possible which is significant for content campaigns. Eligibilities are

  • 18yrs of age completion
  • YouTube Partner Program membership
  • Based on the location like the UK, the US and Canada

How To Get Monetized On YouTube Without 1000 Subscribers

Do not be worried if your Youtube channel is awaiting for 1000 subscribers. Know- how…

Revenue from Affiliates– Buying products online from the URLs set by affiliate links. Currently, the US holds 11,000 programs like Rakuten, Trip Advisor, CJ affiliate, Shopify, ShareaSale, etc in all areas. Link the apt one to your YouTube videos and viewers get to scroll and purchase

Sponsored videos– Product introduction with benefits detailing shall offer incentives to the viewers to purchase. Get sponsors through email marketing, social media branding, YouTube Highlights, and technology deployment.

Channel Membership– Patron is one such option to predict your income, fan networking and algorithm-free analysis. Know such websites where you don’t have to start from scratch like Gumroad, Podia, Kofi, etc.

Video courses– Posting tutorials or specific subject focusing shall be done to create your own niche segment. Need to ensure the topic/subject you choose is an audience’s choice and try to engage the viewers by poll creation and comments reading.

Earn revenue from your videos with YouTube monetization

The topmost priority of a YouTube channel holder is creating brand awareness which cannot happen only through creating and publishing videos.  

  • Brand your channel or YouTube account from day 1 onwards
  • Channel promotion through various tools
  • Grab and create opportunities to get more views for all the videos
  • Enhance the ways to get subscribers for your channel


YouTube has become a hub for all video or content creators to earn money and vast opportunities are present for them there is no doubt about it. As read, subscribers and lovers of YouTube will not have a dearth of people watching the videos because everything is handy. It is all now content creators pick the right choice to monetize without any norm violations. Beyond this content creators have to understand the nuances to reach audiences and ways to engage prospectively.  

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