Top 10 Best IPTV Resellers & IPTV Panel Providers 2024

  • March 16, 2024
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Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) has become a popular way to access various content through online streaming services  For those interested in starting an IPTV reseller business, IPTV reseller panel providers are key  In this, Blog we show you what tools they provide and features to help resellers manage user accounts, subscriptions, packages, and performance monitoring 

Partnerships with trusted IPTV reseller panel providers give resellers access to a wide range of content and technical support, enabling a quality offering, resellers need to understand the features, pricing, and benefits of different IPTV reseller panel providers so they can make smart decisions that suit their business goals  We explore the world of IPTV resale panel providers to see what opportunities and benefits they offer the IPTV resale industry 

What is an IPTV Reseller?

An IPTV reseller acts as a bridge between large IPTV service providers and end users  They buy wholesale IPTV services and subscriptions from these service providers and then redistribute them to customers for a profit  These IPTV Resellers play an important role and help to expand the availability of IPTV services worldwide 

The tasks of IPTV resellers include customer acquisition, order management, billing, and customer support  To reach a larger audience, they can operate independently or in partnership with IPTV service providers and sell them to customers, offering customized packages and support services such as technical assistance and billing assistance  

Features to Consider while Selecting the IPTV Reseller Provider 

Consider the following important features when choosing an IPTV reseller panel provider 

  1. Subscriptions and user management: Find a service provider that makes it easy to manage subscriptions, users, trials, refunds, and customer accounts 
  2. Content management: Look for a service provider that allows you to manage content well so that you can offer different packages to customers based on what they like 
  3. Access to program schedule: Make sure your service provider integrates an electronic Program Guide (ePG) so customers can easily see what’s on 
  4. Reporting and Analytics: Choose a provider that gives you the tools to track the success of your reseller business 

Consider things like reliability, how easily you can grow your business, what content is available, and how good the quality is when you compare  service providers  By finding a service provider with these essential features, you can start your IPTV reseller business the right way 

Top 5 IPTV Reseller Panel Providers

The IPTV Reseller Panel is a digital platform that allows resellers to manage users, trials, customer accounts, and credit  Several providers offer such panels with different features and prices  Here is an overview of the top 5 best providers to help you choose the right one for your IPTV business 

  1. GeO IPTV Reseller: explore the world of entertainment with our IPTV Reseller Program
  2. Xtreme HD IPTV Reseller: Your Gateway to Unlimited entertainment
  3. MOM IPTV: Primary Source for IPTV Resellers
  4. Falcon IPTV: enhance your entertainment experience with our IPTV reseller services
  5. HoneyBee IPTV: Unlock entertainment possibilities with our IPTV resale solutions 

1. GeO IPTV Reseller:

GeO IPTV Reseller stands tall as one of the premier choices for IPTV resellers, offering compatibility with a wide range of devices, including Smart TVs, Android Boxes, MAG boxes, computers, mobiles, and more  With a staggering 20,000+ live TV channels, along with ePG, Catchup, PPV, and over 60,000 Video-On-Demands 

Features of Geo IPTV reseller

  • Regular Updates: Servers are consistently upgraded to ensure fast and stable speeds with minimal downtime 
  • Privacy Assurance: GeO IPTV prioritizes user privacy, complying with strict data protection laws 
  • Brand Customization: Resellers have the freedom to market the IPTV service under their brand name and logo 
  • High-Quality Streaming: Content is available in various video qualities, from HD to Ultra HD and 4K, catering to different internet speeds 
  • High earning Opportunities: Resellers can join GeO IPTV and start earning with minimal investment 
  • Reliable Customer Support: Round-the-clock technical support ensures prompt resolution of issues 
Flexible Pricing: Resellers can set their own prices for plans, maximizing profit potential 

Instant Activation: Subscriptions are activated promptly via email upon purchase 

Server Uptime: With a 99 99% server uptime and anti-freezing technology, uninterrupted streaming is guaranteed 
Higher Pricing: While the service offers exceptional features, its pricing may be comparatively higher than competitors 

Pricing Plans of Geo IPTV Reseller

  • Service & Panel Trials: Pricing ranges from $3 to $40, offering a range of trial options 
  • Advanced Reseller: 500 Credits for $1500 USD 
  • Standard Reseller: 100 Credits for $500 USD 
  • Free Trial: A 24-hour free trial is available for testing the platform 

2. Xtreme HD IPTV Reseller

Xtreme HD IPTV Reseller, is the ultimate destination for unlimited entertainment  offering unparalleled features, strong performance, profitable opportunities for resellers, and a wide range of live channels, Xtreme HD IPTV Reseller is your trusted partner in the world of IPTV resellers  Offering superior performance and immersive viewing, Xtreme HD IPTV Reseller ensures customer satisfaction and reliability


  • Wide Channel Selection: Access to over 19,000 TV channels around the world, according to the preferences of different viewers 
  • Premium Pay Per View: enjoy an abundance of PPV content that offers access to exciting sports events at no extra cost 
  • Extensive video-on-demand library:  Immerse yourself in a library of over 45,000 videos on demand where you can find a library of the latest web series, TV shows and movies in multiple languages 
  • User-friendly Reseller Panel: Take advantage of the Simple and Intuitive A Reseller Dashboard that gives you full control over customer management, including creating, deleting, and modifying accounts 
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: You can choose from a variety of pricing plans starting at $500 with 100 credits, allowing you to configure to maximize your earning power 
Special Hours: Xtreme HD IPTV Reseller offers impressive usability, ensuring uninterrupted service to customers.

Advanced Security Measures: Uses AeS-256 encryption methods to protect user data, providing peace of mind and security. 

Quick Activation: enjoy instant subscription activation and detailed DIY guides for easy installation and use. 
Limited Apple TV support: There is currently no native app for Apple TV users, which may limit availability for some customers 

Pricing Plan of Xtreme HD IPTV Reseller 

  • Basic Reseller: $500/100 Credits 
  • Super Reseller: $4000/2000 Credits 
  • Free Trials: Free Trials are available for both packages, allowing customers to experience the service  

3. MOM IPTV Reseller

The MOM IPTV reseller program allows you to make money while offering high-quality IPTV services to your customers  With MOM IPTV, you can ensure customer satisfaction with top-notch TV channels and a wide selection of Video-On-Demand (VOD) content  Newcomers can test the server with a free trial for 24 hours, granting full access to all channels and VODs for a day.

Features of MoM Reseller Plans:

  • Create up to 20 daily test lines 
  • Unlimited credit capacity for flexibility 
  • Generate various lines compatible with different devices 
  • Support single-line connections 
  • Offer 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions 
  • Full control over paid and test lines, including modifications and extensions 
  • Customize playlists for each customer 
  • Opportunity to become a sub-reseller 
  • MOM IPTV handles server maintenance and provides ongoing support 
  • Access demo panels via email or WhatsApp 
24/7 support ensures assistance whenever needed 

The lifetime validity of credits offers long-term stability 

Wide range of pricing options to meet diverse needs 

Access to demo panels for prospective resellers 

Prices for MOM IPTV Resellers:

  • Starter Plan: $320 for 50 credits, valid for a lifetime 
  • Pro Plan: $600 for 100 credits, lifetime validity 
  • Ultimate Plan: $2800 for 500 credits, lifetime validity 

4. Falcon IPTV Reseller

The Falcon IPTV reseller program and step into a world of opportunity  With over 4,000 live TV channels covering entertainment, news, sports, and more, Falcon IPTV ensures your customers have access to premium content  Additionally, enjoy features like video on demand (VOD), international sports, and pay-per-view (PPV) events, enriching your service offerings  Compatible with devices like Amazon Firestick and Android, Falcon IPTV guarantees seamless viewing experiences 

Features of Falcon IPTV Reseller Program:

  • Customizable Pricing: Set your own subscription prices to maximize profits 
  • extensive Channel Selection: Access over 4,000 channels, movies, and series to cater to diverse customer preferences 
  • Reseller Control Panel: Manage subscriptions and customer accounts effortlessly 
  • Branding Options: Personalize IPTV player apps with your graphics and logos to enhance brand recognition 
  • Monthly Subscription Packages: Offer flexible subscription plans for various durations, ensuring customer satisfaction 
  • Quality and Stability: Benefit from top-tier servers in the US market, ensuring high-quality streaming experiences with minimal downtime 
Uninterrupted streaming experiences with no buffering or downtime 

Multiple Device Compatibility works on various devices without extra charges

Offers a three-day free trial without requiring payment information 

Access high-quality video streams, including HD and FHD options
Limited Device Availability

Falcon IPTV does not support external video players

There may be legal uncertainties regarding content licensing and distribution

Pricing for Falcon IPTV Reseller:

  • $20 00/month: Access over 4,000 channels, VOD, and three connections 
  • $40 00 for 3 months: enjoy the same features for a three-month duration 
  • $70 00 for 12 months: Opt for an annual subscription with the same offerings 

5. Honey Bee IPTV Reseller

Honey Bee IPTV Reseller is a gateway to starting your own IPTV business  With our comprehensive reseller program, you can take charge of your entrepreneurial journey and tap into the profitable world of IPTV services 

Features of HoneyBee IPTV Reseller 

  • Multiple Logins: Access various devices effortlessly with support for Xtream Codes API and M3U Playlist URL 
  • Seamless Switching: Transition between M3U line and MAG device line seamlessly with the “Transfer” settings 
  • Subscription Control: enjoy complete control over subscriptions, enabling easy activation, deactivation, or deletion 
  • MAC Support: Cater to diverse customer needs by adding MAC addresses for MAG and enigma Box users 
  • Marketing Tools: expand your subscriber list and boost earnings with effective planning and advertising tools 
  • Application Compatibility: Compatible with popular apps like IPTV Smarters, TiviMate, OTT Navigator, and more 
  • 24/7 Customer Care: Access prompt email ticketing support from a skilled US-based team for issue resolution 
Robust Web Player: enjoy hassle-free IPTV viewing without app installations 

Credit Longevity: Credits remain valid until your subscription ends, ensuring no loss 

Multiple Connections: Create and use up to 5 connections from a single account, offering flexibility 
Separate Plans for Non-North American Customers

Pricing Plans of HoneyBee IPTV

  • New Reseller: 50 Credits for $175
  • existing Reseller: 100 Credits for $350
  • existing Reseller: 200 Credits for $600

Types of IPTV Reseller Providers 

In the IPTV resale world, there are different types of providers to choose from Here’s a simple breakdown:

IPTV Middleware Provider:

These middleware providers offer reseller panels that work seamlessly with their IPTV services. These panels are easy to use and work well with all devices.

Managed Service Providers:

Managed services providers offer reseller panels with extra maintenance and server hosting services. This makes it easier for resellers to manage their business.

Content Aggregators:

They collect content from different sources and offer it through reseller panels. This gives resellers access to a wide range of channels and shows.

White Label IPTV Reseller Panels:

 These panels can be customized to match the reseller’s brand. It’s a great way for resellers to build their own identity in the market.

Each type of provider has its own benefits, so resellers can choose the one that suits them best 

Factors to Consider when Comparing the Pricing & plan of Different IPTV Reseller Panel 

Here are the main factors to consider when comparing the pricing and plans of different reseller panel providers:

  1. Cost: estimate the monthly cost and initial setup fees to ensure they fit within your budget constraints.
  2. Features: Assess the features offered by each provider, such as disk space, bandwidth, control panel options, and customization features.
  3. Scalability: Consider the provider’s ability to adapt your business growth by offering scalable solutions and flexible plans.
  4. Support: Look for providers that offer reliable customer support to assist you with any technical issues or inquiries.
  5. Reliability: Check the provider’s uptime guarantees and reliability track record to ensure consistent service for your clients.
  6. ease of Use: evaluate the user-friendliness of the reseller panel interface and tools provided by each provider.
  7. Additional Services: Consider any additional services or value-added features offered by the provider, such as white-label branding or premium plugins.
  8. Customer Reviews: Look for reviews and feedback from other resellers to gauge the provider’s reputation and satisfaction levels.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when comparing the pricing and plans of different reseller panel providers to find the best fit for your business needs.


In conclusion, as you navigate through the options of IPTV reseller panel providers, keep in mind the diverse needs of your potential customers. Look for providers offering not only a wide array of channels and on-demand content but also reliable support and customizable branding options.

While Geo IPTV Reseller emerges as a top contender with its extensive channel lineup and robust customer service, exploring other providers might unveil unique features tailored to your business goals.

Ultimately, by conducting thorough research and considering all aspects, you can confidently embark on your journey as an IPTV reseller, armed with the best-suited panel provider to propel your success in the dynamic world of online streaming services.

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