Top 10 Best OTT Platforms & Service Providers 2024

  • March 17, 2024
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Why wait to seize the opportunity when the world of technology is gonna be the game changer for the world of entertainment in the name of OTT…

Yay.. It’s a naïve truth that the entire Universe is experiencing a swift transformation towards the digital world where People’s mobile and gadget usages are high today preferring to have quick access in their hands at ease. OTT providers are competing to be the feeder point to the customers’ thirst with quality content and streaming options.

 Let’s catch up further on this here…

What is an OTT Platform?

The name OTT –“Over the Top” denotes the zenith point that the OTT platform providers have captured in the entertainment industry today.

Meaning to say…it’s in the unshakeable spot where people try to reinvent, renew, and recreate things to keep the audiences engaged…

OTT platform providers are eagle-eyed and have got the greatest prey for a lifetime ever ..i.e. keeping intact people’s interests and feeder options.  

People prefer these days to spend their leisure time watching movies or series or any programs on the Best OTT platforms of their choice. Multiple channels in the platforms entertain the viewers and this comes as a paid option according to the channels subscriptions.

OTT Industry at a Glance

Statistically speaking, approximately 40 best OTT platforms are available to Indian customers having customised paying and offering options according to the channel subscription.

 In fact, this industry is perceived to witness a market penetration rise of 36% before 2027. Demand for the OTT platform is the reason for this rise and undoubtedly OTT industry will be owing high towards the entertainment industry’s growth.  Sustainability is what the discussion about this OTT is all about in today’s scenario as mushrooming of providers are witnessed in recent times.

Benefits of OTT sTreaming pLATFORMS

People have a multitude of reasons to express the benefits and OTT platform providers ensure to work on the same for the betterment. Gone are those days when movies were to be watched on fixed times or days. OTT is a blessing in disguise for people to experience their entertainment options anytime and anywhere possible.

Catch up few OTT Platform benefits below,

  • OTT platform providers make the payment option customisable according to their services which sometimes becomes budget friendly and make planning financially effective.
  • Personalised use by the customers
  • OTT Service providers can be used by customers in various ways
  • Easy downloading option for movies or series is available
  • Quality watching of online content is assured


  1. IBM Video- Best for cognitive video solutions for OTT enterprises
  2. JW Player – Best for powerful and customizable OTT video platform
  3. Vimeo Livestream – Best for Broadcasting Your OTT Events Live, Anywhere
  4. Wowza – Best for OTT live and on-demand video streaming
  5. Dacast – Best for scalable OTT live streaming solutions for businesses
  6. Kaltura – Best for managing and distributing OTT video content for education
  7. Vidyard – Best for driving engagement and revenue for OTT businesses
  8. Wistia – Best for hosting and sharing professional-looking OTT videos
  9. Sprout Video – Best for tracking the performance of OTT video marketing
  10. Brightcove – Best for enterprise-level OTT video management and distribution

1. IBM Video Streaming

Best for Live Virtual Events and Enterprise Streaming

This online based video streaming platform providing services and Administrators manage the dashboard by ensuring the smooth functioning of the processes. These platforms are enabled with multiple usages like staff communication, virtual conferences, events, recreational options and many more proceedings.

Features of IBM Video Streaming

  • Video Viewers Conversion– Pooling of audiences for viewing the virtual events is possible and performances can be tracked for real-time analysis
  • Video Communications– Make It Simple- Events or any programs can be watched from and with any device is the simple solution offered by the provider. 
  • Gain Audience with effective engagement – Cost enhancement is possible with proper and strategic employee engagement options by unifying everyone and working on the methods to focus
  • Enabled with Quality HD Live Broadcasting
  • Broadcast recording is possible
  • Tailor-made channel pages
  • Live Chat with Queries Section
  • Mobile Compatible Player

IBM Video Streaming Pricing Plans

There are various pricing options for the customers and it starts with trial video streaming for 30 days. For advanced broadcasting features, options like Silver, Gold, Platinum and Custom are available with the pricing amount of $99, $649, and $1299 for silver, gold and platinum respectively.

2. JW Player

Best for powerful and customizable OTT video platform

JW player is one of the best ott platforms to provide swift and elite solutions to launch the top viewing options across the places to engage the audience productively. Moreover, their USP is to provide customised OTT and IPTV solutions to the viewers to have a qualitative viewing experience.

Features of JW Player

  • Effective Customer Engagement– Drives content to maximise the viewing optimisation
  • Error Elimination- Works effectively on managing, publishing, and monetizing the contents to provide smooth workflows
  • Extended Support – Ensures support from a 360-degree aspect towards technical and financial stability
  • Best ott service providers for Hosting and Streaming
  • Customized & configured HTML5 video player
  • Native live  & social streaming
  • Integrated Video advertising platform
  • Content discovery and recommendation engine
  • Analytics and insights provider for the creation of the video

JW Player Pricing Plan

Grab the JWPlayer’s Free scheme of 25GB of streaming per month and 10k video plays a month. Embrace the Premium option of 250GB of streaming per month and 100k video plays a month. Platinum provides 500GB of streaming per month and 200k video plays a month. Custom plans are there as per the customer’s choice

3. Vimeo Livestream

Best for Broadcasting Your OTT Events Live, Anywhere

Experience the best-integrated hardware and software live streaming platform for all kinds of businesses with Vimeo Live Stream OTT service providers.

Features of Vimeo Livestream

  • User-friendly & Ad-free–  Customisation of pages with ad blockers are enabled
  • Social media integration– Effective business advertisements publishing concerning the events, activities , etc
  • Availability of White labeling and brand control– Offering of this service enables the company to promote their self brand and help themselves in kick starting their sales
  • Automated closed captions–  Act according to the preferences of the customers in viewing the captions
  • Bitrate streaming OTT service provider
  • Live chat, polling and Q&A options
  • Multiple platforms casting
  • 1080p live streaming
  • Archive and Manage Videos
  • Live event monetization & video analytics


The starter range begins at $12 per seat/month, the Standard range is $20 per seat/month and the advanced is $65 per seat/month

Ask Vimeo for Enhanced OTT plans and solutions and spot your best

4. Wowza

Best for OTT live and on-demand video streaming

Why search for the best OTT service providers when you have Wowza the leading OTT solution provider in hand? Pocket this best OTT platform to enhance your live-streaming events and content management.

Features of Wowza Streaming

  • 4K streaming- To have incredible screen viewing 
  • APIs and SDKs available– Impeccable tools for modernised software development
  • Secure HTTPS broadcasts and streaming– Works on professional streaming with reduced buffering
  • Mobile screens support- Brings in visual clarity for the end users
  • Monitoring Video performance– Standard and systematic observation of video performance
  • 24/7 streaming and integrated Ads service
  • Multi-bitrate & VOD transcoding
  • Video management & CDN Built Platform
  • Any device Video player
  • Real-time video analytics
  • Low latency & interactive live streaming

Wowza Pricing Plan

For the premium streaming engine, the package is priced at $195/ month and for cloud-based streaming $25 is billed separately per month. $295 for one month of streaming, Basic monthly payment is $195 and Basic annual payment is $2,100

5. Dacast

Best for scalable OTT live streaming solutions for businesses

Check out this to experience safe and secure live streaming OTT services as well as the integrated video app OTT platform services.

Features of Dacast

  • 1080p streaming with CDN variety– Fastest delivery of content distributed geographically to the servers
  • 24/7 support with API-based live streaming–  Incessant process with data driven encoding aspects
  • No limits to the concurrent viewers– Highest number of viewing options for tracking performance
  • Excellent secured features– Password protection enabled and reduced piracy nature
  • Ad-free broadcasting with monetization models
  • Integrated paywall systems with accessibility to multi-users
  • Online video and mobile streaming hosting
  • Video CMS, Video chapter markers and playlist scheduler
  • Systematic Dashboard presentation

Dacast Pricing & Plans

Dacast charges on various pricing aspects and the starter package is at $39 per month for Event is at $63 per month and Scale is at $188 per month.

6. Kaltura

Best for managing and distributing OTT video content for education

You should get to know why Kaltura could be the right choice as an OTT platform provider for your live-streaming businesses in the long run.

Features of Kaltura

  • Virtual event management platform– One stop solution for organizing and publishing virtual events
  • Uncountable Integrations–  Cloud driven OTT  integration process to deploy systems
  • Education & Classroom Management – Usable, manageable and trackable software enabled for the  students performances tracking’s
  • Monetization Models availability– Ways to optimize profit and monetising options for the video management
  • Personalised and Customised Videoing options
  • Authenticated Encrypted Options
  • Standardised Global Contents
  • Centralised creation, management and sharing of videos

Kaltura Pricing & Plans

Free trials for certain products are available and for detailed pricing lists, reach out to Kaltura

Wanna create and host Powerful Virtual Meetings with the best OTT platform provider? Kaltura is at your doorstep

7. Vidyard

Best for driving engagement and revenue for OTT businesses

Gear up your business platform with Vidyard’s Cloud Video Streaming solution. One of the best OTT service providers to incorporate business strategies to tap the rights customers for your business enhancements

Features of Vidyard

  • Secured setting for video solutions– Configuration of coding becomes hassle free
  • Personalised Dashboard process-  Viewing of details and information becomes simple as it has customisable options
  • Intact security options– Vulnerability management is equipped as it has infusion of various secured technologies
  • Video synchronisation option– Playback owing to synchronisation is possible to make excerpts 
  • Fast forward to Customer centric approach
  • In prior script preparation and streamlining option
  • Customisable Video sharing options
  • Multiple cloud streaming integration platform
  • Integrated Cloud solution platform

Vidyard Pricing & Plans

Multiple packages from starter to advanced options are available. Other than a free trial, pro is packaged at $19/month if it’s annually billed. If not, the pro package is $29 and the business package is $145/month

8. Wistia

Best for hosting and sharing professional-looking OTT videos

This is an exclusive platform to ease out your challenging business operations. Keen in its support extension towards marketing and sales services through video marketing platform.

Features of Wistia

  • Access with advanced systems – Accessibility as well as analysation of videos is possible owing to the technical enablement
  • Content engagement- This becomes unique business opportunity platform to experience customer viewing options
  • Marketing Integrated tools– Sales pitching and market analysis to target the audience becomes handy to capitalize the platform financially
  • Security features with password protection, email gating and restricted domains usage
  • Unlimited content delivery and bandwidth
  • Integrated basic video software programs
  • Customised players and access to Video APIs
  • Simplified solutions for video editing

Wistia Pricing & Plans

Make use of the free trial offered by Wistia and for $99/month, pro package can be used. Advanced options are also provided.

9. Sprout Video

Best for tracking and analyzing the performance of OTT video marketing

Enrich your business solutions with the best video hosting platform which shares and collaborates tools to capture further businesses.

Features of Sprout Video

  • Lead Conversion – Lead generation from the updated videos to gain convertible data are possible
  • Advanced and analytical insights– Dive deep to analyse and gain data understandings for futuristic approach
  • Unlimited designs for video players– Multiple avenues openings to cater to the designers need to make the videos attain maximum reach
  • Online creator facility to unleash unlimited videos
  • Leads generation for digital marketing
  • Edit tracking for audit logs
  • Customer engagement with business strategic tools
  • Customised playlists

Sprout Video Pricing & Plans

The seed plan concept of Sproutvideo offers $25/month which acts as a support base for small business owners.

Unleash your business methods with the best OTT platform service provider

10. Brightcove

Best for enterprise-level OTT video management and distribution

Catering to global audiences with their effective content delivery is Brightcove’s USP. They are the provider of extended insights and analytics to streaming businesses. Aspiring organizations can grab the multi range products offered by Brightcove.

Features of Brightcove

  • Secured settings against piracy–  Anti piracy options are infused for data protection
  • Global users of the Brand– To attain the popularity and Brand positioning is optimised 
  • In-depth and swift analytics– Fastest data centric acquisition mode to convert into effective results
  • Integrated CRM process
  • Enhanced performance tracking and analytics
  • Restricted Domain usage
  • API access to the videos
  • Ad blockers availability with Geo restriction facility

Brightcove Pricing & Plans

Contact Brightcove personally to get the pricing lists in detail

How do I start my own OTT platform?

You are on the right platform to explore and analyse how to begin and be the best ott platforms. Keep in mind it is fiercely competitive and it mandates that you dig deep before diving in. Let’s get to know the steps to start the OTT Platform

Niche Selection- Creating a boundary with specific content is the need of which can tap the right audiences to the platform. This will help the provider to determine the necessity of apt content to create and execute.

Building Content- Having selected the niche options, knowing the kind of content publishing can fetch the provider the right path to progress. Moreover, when to publish or the frequency of content releasing is top-notch important to capture the audience’s interests.

Platforms to Stream- Building the platform is similar to building an empire in this competitive world for which the right adaptation and implementation of the technology can work wonders. Selecting the developers is equally important to choosing the platforms to stream.

Right Monetization Model-  Having the greatest payment models choose the perfect strategy to implement for effective revenue generation. Multicurrency support, Quality content, and Video distribution options are some of the options to check out for opting the monetization model.


Growing demand for online services and today’s world of entertainment is left with no option other than playing an inclusive role in the tech world. Having said this, OTT has become the top-notch option for streaming services and users’ accommodation towards OTT is on a welcoming note.  Owing to the flexible options in OTT, customers’ interests are inclined toward the same. Reach out to the best OTT service provider to capitalise the business options available. 

Commonly Asked Questions

What is OTT platform?

An OTT (over-the-top) platform is a service that delivers content directly to viewers through the internet, rather than through traditional cable or satellite providers.

Which OTT platform is best?

The best OTT platform will depend on individual preferences and the type of content they want to watch. Some popular options include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu.

What is the most popular OTT platform in the world?

Currently, Netflix is the most popular OTT platform in the world, with over 200 million subscribers in over 190 countries.

Which is the most affordable OTT platform?

There are several affordable OTT platforms available, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

Is Netflix an OTT provider?

Yes, Netflix is an OTT (over-the-top) provider, as it delivers content directly to viewers through the internet, rather than through a traditional cable or satellite provider.

Is OTT the same as streaming?

OTT and streaming are related terms, but not exactly the same. Streaming refers to the delivery method of content over the internet, while OTT refers to the delivery of that content directly to viewers without the need for a traditional cable or satellite provider.

How many OTT platforms are there?

It is difficult to give an exact number of OTT platforms, as new ones are constantly emerging. However, some of the most popular platforms include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max.

What are OTT platforms examples?

Some examples of OTT platforms include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Peacock, and Paramount+.

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